The Sign – Read By Trevor White – Raymond Khoury

The Sign - Read By Trevor White

  • Auteur: Raymond Khoury
  • Editeur: Orion Publishing Group
  • Date de parution: 13/05/2009
  • EAN13: 9780752897615
  • Genre: Anglais audio video ou produits TVA 19,6
  • Langue: anglais
  • Format: 14x14x1
  • Poids: 180g

Resume de “The Sign – Read By Trevor White”

On a remote shelf in the Arctic circle. A small TV crew is braving the harsh conditions to film the breaking off of a major ice shelf. Then someone calls out, pointing at something up in the sky overhead. The camera pans up and they look up to see a blazing symbol clear, burning over the deserted terrain. Suddenly mysterious signs appear all over the world. An obscure monk who recognises the symbol from the past and understands what it means for the future of humanity becomes the most sought-after man on the planet

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